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Extra DVD to DVD Clone 8.1

Extra DVD to DVD Clone is a DVD movie duplication tool
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Extra DVD to DVD Clone is a DVD movie duplication tool. In short, it allows you to create copies of your DVD movies. It won't rip them and convert them to other formats, it will create DVD copies of them. It comes with a DVD burner built-in to burn your DVD copies. The application can either create perfect 1:1 copies of your movies or it can rip content away to save space.

When I first launched this application, it was configured to compress movies to single-layer discs (DVD-5). But you can change this to use DVD-9, or dual-layer, discs. If you choose DVD-5 discs, you can tell the application to include subtitles, the main movie and the menus and extras that come with the DVD. You can also choose not to include any of the aforementioned. There is an option to select the audio track, and you can choose to include DTS audio, too. DTS audio is used for surround sound and it tends to use a lot of space. By default, DTS audio is discarded by Extra DVD to DVD Clone.

All in all, this is a DVD duplication tool that seems to work well and it is easy to use. It has a nice interface and good options.

José Fernández
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